Introducing Hubert Dufour’s workshop




Hubert Dufour has dedicated himself to bowed strings instruments for more than two decades.
Besides making baroque and modern quartet instruments, he has specialized in making viols.
- His concert instruments are designed after the French, English, Italian and German masters from the XVIth to the XVIIIth century.
- The Maple Song Series (“Gamme Chant d’Erable”) offers affordable and carefully finished learning instruments, designed to produce pleasant and well balanced sounds.
- His electric viol brings to contemporary music a completely renewed early instrument.

- And dont miss to call on the Old woman of the world...

Besides, Hubert Dufour also takes an active part in the current research on medieval musical instruments in particular medieval fiddles.
He creates instruments inspired by iconography — an infinitely rich source which demands a nuanced interpretation of archeology and art and cultural history as well as a knowledge of the various technical innovations of past centuries.

Located in Rians, Hubert Dufour’s workshop is in the heart of a medieval Provence village where fountains and cicadas sing together, accompagning the work of his tools.


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