The concert models are :
- seven string bass after Romain Chéron Paris 1687.
- Seven string bass after Michel Collichon Paris 1693.
- Seven string bass after Michel Collichon Paris 1683.
- Six string bass afterBarak Norman London 1700. This instrument also has a very good sound with seven strings to.
- Division viol after Barak Norman London 1692.
- Division viol after Henry Jaye London 1624.
- Treble after Nicolas Bertrand Paris 1721.
- Tenors of english inspiration (one small and one slightly larger)

All other models are avbailable on request : (Barbey, Bertrand, Tielke, Lewis…)

study viols "chant d'érables"
All woods are of premiere quality and very dry. Spruce from the Jura muntains for the top.Beautyful curly maple for ribs, neck and back in the classical tradition.Walnut from Burgundy and mahogany from Honduras produce good acoustic results and give a warm and original look (like on Collichon’s instruments)
the decoration :
All concert viols are decorated with a carved head.
Marquetry, special head, gilt, polychromy are also avalaible on request (estimate provided).


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